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Antalya lies on the southern mediterranean coast of Turkey and is famous for its beautiful sandy beach with a view to the Taurus mountains. First records of the town are recorded as far back as 200 BC, and there are still well-preserved monuments dating back to the Roman times. Today Antalya is a combination of the modern and the ancient, the city features relics and ruins of ancient times including Emperor Hadrian’s Gate, a rich museum covering all kinds of artifacts dating back to neolithic ages, historical baths and fine mosques. In the harbour part of the city there are plenty of sight-seeing and shopping opportunities.


Antalya with its magnificent mediterranean beaches is Turkey’s biggest see resort

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The Weary Herakles Statue is on the display at the Antalya Archeological Museum, which is one of Turkey’s largest museums. The Museum won the “European Council Special Prize”


The Roman theatre in Aspendos, Antalya has been preserved remarkably well. Alexander the Great once marched into Aspendos in 333 B.C.


The 2,000-year-old Roman Temple of Apollo in the ancient city of Side, Antalya

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