Theme of the IOSTE Eurasia Regional Symposium: Beyond Inquiry Based Science Education

Strands for the IOSTE Eurasia Regional Symposium: 

Strand 1: Science Learning: Understanding and Conceptual Change, Contexts, Characteristics and Interactions
Strand 2: Science Learning in Informal Contexts & Science Communication
Strand 3: Science Teaching: Characteristics and Strategies
Strand 4: Critical Analysis of School Science Textbooks
Strand 5: Pre-service Science Teacher Education
Strand 6: In-service Science Teacher Education
Strand 7: Curriculum Development, Evaluation, and Assessment
Strand 8: Cultural, Social, and Gender Issues
Strand 9: Information and Communication Technologies in Science Education
Strand 10: History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science
Strand 11: Environmental Education
Strand 12: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Science Education

Strands for the Brokerage Event Horizon 2020: 

Strand 13: Brokerage Event Horizon 2020 (Proposal ideas for the new calls)
Strand 14: Brokerage Event Horizon 2020 (Presentation of the already funded EU projects (e.g. FP7 or LLP Projects))